Nearest HVAC company is out of the county

Sometimes I’m amazed at the terrible luck that follows me around.

It seems like I never catch a break, no matter how hard I’m working to circumvent disaster.

This is especially true when it comes to home repair and maintenance disasters, which follow me everywhere I live. For instance, I’ve had several pipes burst, a dishwasher explode, and my HVAC system has completely failed on me more times than I can count. Just last year I moved to a new home and was extremely excited for all the new possibilities. I was assured that the HVAC system was brand new, and my handyman friend inspected the furnace and AC unit to make sure that everything was in proper working condition. We could find no problems with the equipment and I ended up purchasing the home, feeling confident that I’d covered all my bases. It was less than 3 months later that I was disappointed with my decision, when my HVAC unit failed in the middle of a snowstorm. I woke up in the middle of the night to find that my house was below freezing – literally. There was a blizzard raging outside and my house was poorly insulated against the subzero temperatures. Thinking it would be a quick repair, I quickly scrolled through the list of nearby HVAC repair companies, only to find that there were no open heating and cooling specialists in my entire county! It took more than two days for an HVAC repairman to reach my house, and the cost was astronomical. So much for covering my bases!

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