Home automation for a busy lifestyle

I constantly seem to be on the go due to my work.

It isn’t uncommon for me to leave for an entire week.

I can’t own any pets, plants, or have any kind of service done to my house anymore. I constantly am coming and going. I have upgraded my home situation to make things easier on me. Before I used to come home to a dirty, dark house with no food in the fridge. Now I make sure to have groceries delivered the next morning when I am home. I hire a house cleaning service if I have been gone more than a week. I also invested in a home automation system. I have security cameras, door locks, lights, and HVAC all on a control panel. It is nice that I can adjust my smart thermostat from my phone wherever I am. I can make the house colder when I notice it is hotter that day and I am on my way home. I can even set timed programs. I will then know the heater will kick on the morning I am there so I don’t freeze to death. I can have the lights turned on as well. I really like to have everything automated though. The lights automatically flick on when I walk to the front door at night. They turn on when I am moving around the house for me. I also have the HVAC scan for me in the house and only operate when I am there. The security cameras begin tapping when they see movement. It was an expensive upgrade, but I don’t regret getting into home automation solutions.
Integrated Security System Installation