Finding ways to exercise while on the road

For work, it’s necessary for me to travel all across the country. I occasionally drive but usually fly to the location. I spend a lot of nights in hotel rooms. I am happy with this type of lifestyle because there’s always something new and different. I meet new people, stay in different places and experience all types of challenges and climates. However, there are some drawbacks to being away from home so frequently. It is hard to keep fit and healthy. Traveling is mainly a sedentary endeavor. There’s lots of time spent sitting, standing in line and waiting. I eat most of my meals at restaurants. These meals can be high in calories and are usually not nutritious. I’ve learned how to manage a healthy lifestyle on the road. I pack healthy snacks in my bag. I always have carrot sticks, peaches, oranges and yogurts in my bag. I find grocery stores near my hotel where I buy fresh foods that I am able to eat in my hotel room. I can make a meal out of a piece of bread and cheese. If I eat at a restaurant, I order salads and request the dressing on the side. Prior to booking a hotel, I check for accommodations that offer some type of workout room. The majority of the time, there’s nothing more than one basic treadmill and maybe a stationary bike or an elliptical. Occasionally, I might have access to a selection of free weights. Sometimes I get lucky and there’s a totally outfitted, state-of-the-art fitness center. If I have sufficient space to unroll a yoga mat, I am able to manage a decent workout. I always pack my sneakers so that if the weather permits, I can head out on a run for my workout. I bring along a yoga mat, jump rope and resistance bands for emergencies. I can always find an area where I can jump rope and complete a series of squats, lunges and push ups. My workout often is completed at really odd times because of my labor schedule. While it takes some commitment, I’ve learned that keeping up with my exercise goals allows me to sustain this lifestyle without jeopardizing my health.
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