Bad luck with HVAC shops in area

I don’t know if anyone has had as many bad experiences as I have with the local HVAC shops around my town.

  • I swear that I haven’t had a single positive experience since the day that I moved in, and I’ve tried my best to locate one company that I can actually trust to do the work I’m paying them for.

Because our house is fairly old, we have an outdated HVAC system that requires TLC on a regular basis, and I’m often calling out a heating and cooling repairman to help me start our air conditioner or furnace, depending on the season. However, every single one of them has managed to show up late, if they show up at all. They have been rude and unpersonable, and often act like it’s an inconvenience for them to repair my equipment, rather than their job. Most of them have been snippy and detached, and I have had trouble finding out what measures they’re taking to get the job done. A few of the repairmen have even failed to fix the temperature control unit in question, and have simply left the scene without saying a word. Some of these characters have even had the audacity to try to charge me for their service afterwards! It’s been an astounding laundry list of failures, and I’m beginning to wonder if there is a single reputable heating and cooling company in this entire city! If there is, I’m destined to find them eventually, and I’ll be keeping their number on speed dial.

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