Automated lighting is a part of my pannel

I recently invested in quite a bit of outdoor landscape lighting.

I not only wanted to add to my curb appeal, although I wanted to add functionality.

I realized that I wanted to swim for a workout before work. I also liked the idea of having lights when I got condo late from work. I got a bunch of lights put in around the pool, some around my front porch, and along the walkway to my front door. I then invested heavily into a lighting system solution. I wanted it all a part of my building automation plan… This means that I can control my heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and my lights all from a single hub. I also can set timers and schedules if I so desire. I have my lights on a timer that when I get up in the day, the lights around my pool are lit. I then have the lights turn off just 20 minutes after my workout is over. The lights around my walkway are automated lights that startup when I walk by them. That means it will greet me when I come condo and will discourage theft, but who wants to rob a household that lights up like a Chrtimstmas tree when they get near it? I also like the idea of never being totally in the dark, however my household has a ton of automated lights that I can control to keep on continuously or just power on and off, then having a BAS is a real crucial game changer for me. I love being able to control it all in a single machine to keep things easy.
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