Working out in the middle of the night

I am 55 years old, and I’ve been experiencing the symptoms of menopause for the last few years. I suffer through frequent hot flashes. Without any warning, my inner temperature heats up to the point where I’m dripping sweat. I’ve also suffered from headaches and soreness in my joints. One of the most aggravating side effects is insomnia. It’s become nearly impossible for me to fall asleep at night. No matter how tire I am, I am wide awake in bed for hours. Even if I somehow fall asleep, I usually only stay asleep for an hour or two. I wake up constantly all night long. I roll around and feel totally exhausted when the alarm rings in the morning. I hate just lying in my bed doing nothing for endless amounts of time. I get annoyed and bored. I sometimes know that I’m going to be awake forever and figure I might as well accomplish something. Now and then, I get up and clean an area of the house. Most of the time, I workout. At 3 o’clock in the morning, I use the treadmill, pedal the stationary bike, lift weights and even jump rope. I have access to a home gym in a dedicated room so that I can shut the door and exercise without disturbing the rest of the family. I enjoy some of my most beneficial workouts during the middle of the night. I think this is because I’m so aggravated and stressed due to insomnia. I push myself extra hard. I then need a shower before I go back to bed. Working out doesn’t assist me with falling asleep. It actually does the opposite. I’ve tried all of the common tips for falling asleep. I drink a special green tea before bed. I refrain from reading on from my ipad before heading to bed. I even purchased a lavender spray for my pillow that’s for relaxation. I’ve tried CBD oil, but nothing helps me sleep.
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