The temperature controls in the studio were great

My associate told me he was now working on his new album.

He’s been a songsian for around a decade, but more recently he has been becoming more famous in the area. He performs at a lot of odd clubs and events, plus he does pretty well I have to admit. He told me to come over to the studio to see him record. He told me the temperature control settings were great, and I would like the good air quality thanks to the UV whole-home air purifier. Honestly, that all sounded good to me, plus I was interested in seeing my associate knock out odd tracks. When I arrived at the studio, it was such an expensive home! Since I had gained an invite from my friend, I was treated like royalty walking into the place! A butler offered to take my jacket too, even though I didn’t particularly want to part with it. When I got to the studio side of the home, I was impressed with how expensive it was, and the soundproofing was phenomenal because I didn’t hear a thing before I went inside! The air conditioning in particular was nice like my friend said! I was surprised though when the producer asked me if I had the money for my recording session. Then he smiled and said he was just playing with me. He explained he plus my friend went way back and he was glad to finally meet me. He said anybody who is a friend of my friend is family to him. It was interesting when he let me go on a free recording session. I guess I was feeling the energy, because the track didn’t sound too excruciating even though it was just a freestyle.


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