Our HVAC contractor ordered the wrong ductwork

Our HVAC contractor that we hired to do the work on the house that we are building is really setting us back in our time frame. He’s been nothing but annoying the whole time that we have been working on this project. It’s weird that he’s been so awful, because he came highly recommended when we hired him to do the job. I’m honestly surprised that he is such a terrible HVAC contractor. I guess you can’t be good at your job all the time, but I really wish that this guy had chosen to be awful at his job some other time than when he was working on our house! At this point, he has made so many mistakes I don’t even know where to start! He ordered the wrong size ductwork for us and we are waiting on the correct size ductwork to get here. He ordered the wrong heating system for us and now the one that we wanted is on backorder. He even ordered the wrong size air register covers! If we weren’t already almost to the end of the building project, I would just fire him and start over with a completely different HVAC contractor. I think that this guy needs to stop doing this type of work and find another job because he is truly terrible at it. Maybe he used to be good at it, but at this point everything he tries to do turns out to be awful. I just hope that we can get through the next few weeks without any more incidents! I just want to get this house done.


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