Mold in my household

I have not been feeling well for the last few weeks, but it’s not like I have awful headaches or something that makes getting around everyday difficult.

However, I have been stuffed up plus had a cough for what feels like months now.

I even went to the doctor to see what was going on with me, but he couldn’t figure it out plus just said that it was most likely bad dust irritations, so I took some allergy medicine but that didn’t help absolutely much at all; Late one night last week, I decided that I needed to start pulling out all my aged Spring clothes plus go through them before the season chanaged, but when I was pulling out the bins of Spring clothes from the back of my closets, I noticed that there was bright yellow mold all over them. I knew that this was not superb so I called my landlord immediately to come over plus take a look at all the mold. I started to look all around to see if I could find any more mold plus when I opened the closet that holds my HVAC system plus there was so much mold I almost screamed. I knew immediately that the mold that covered my HVAC system was the reason that I was feeling so sick for weeks. I suppose that my landlord will need to upgrade my HVAC system because I don’t suppose I am going to start feeling better until all the mold is gone plus I don’t know how to deep wash an HVAC system.

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