It’s a good thing we have been saving up a lot over the years

When I was considering getting a new HVAC, I had to take a hard look at our finances.

Fortunately, we have been saving up for many years. We didn’t even know exactly what we were saving up for, we just knew that we wanted a good amount of savings to cover anything from emergency situations to common household expenses or even vacations. Well, we had such a good amount in our savings, I believed that we were going to be okay with a nice HVAC system. I asked my wife if she had any ideas about what kind of HVAC to go for. She said she saw some nice heat and AC products online, but she wasn’t really sure what HVAC system to go for. So I decided to call a local contractor and we consulted with an HVAC professional for free. This guy was very cool and knowledgeable when it came to all the modern heat and AC products. He told us a great deal about advanced systems like geothermal heat pumps and hybrid heating systems and he told us a lot about ductless systems as well. I never thought I would want to go for an electric heating system, but this guy made a system sound like the way to go. He got to talking about ductless multi-split systems which use variable speed technology that allows for the system to be extremely energy efficient. When I learned we would have multiple zones in the house with customized comfort, this was all the help with indoor comfort we would need! Before I knew it, we had a new ductless multi-split system installed. So far, everybody is loving it, especially the children. They no longer fight over the temperature control settings these days.


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