I do think this is cool

My girlfriend and I are straight up road warriors.  Both of our employers allow us to create our own schedules so, we take 3 and 4 afternoon excursions quite frequently.  She and I appreciate the outdoors but, we also appreciate to see cultural delights and dine on regional cuisine. So, we attempt to wrap all of our interests together when we head out on our adventures.  Most of our trips are less than a hundred miles driving distance. She and I don’t even bother with planes anymore. I used to appreciate flying, but now the indoor air quality is so nasty and the rest of the experience is just too much hassle. My girlfriend and I use the savings from not flying to stay in motels on our journeys.  She and I have changed to the Interstate motels because of the more reliable heating and A/C. We have had enough evenings suffering from being too tepid or too freezing in a costly hotel. There just seems to be far more occasions when we have an excruciating heating and A/C experience in the higher end hotels. It seem counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  Yet, weI find it to be true. The clean, reasonably priced Interstate motels tend to be far more reliable heating and A/C wise. Those long wall units are just the best. These heating and A/C systems heat up or cool down a room in minutes, rather than hours. I have yet to visit a motel with this type of heating and cooling component that wasn’t in excellent working form.  My girlfriend feels the truly same way. And, she was the one who was initially resistant to giving the motels a try. That was until she spent some miserable evenings in an enclosed high rise hotel. That was the last heating and A/C straw, as it were. Our friends pick on us for not flying and instead staying in motels for the heating and A/C. But, whatever works, right?

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