I booked a weekend ski trip at a lodge up north for my wife and I

My wife and I usually schedule one vacation every year as a way to recoup from working 50 hour weeks.

Unfortunately, we were so busy last year that we couldn’t even take a vacation. That led us to spend months looking at various places we could go once we knew that both of us could get time off from our respective jobs. I remembered that we went on a ski trip the year we met and had a lot of fun the whole time. Although it had been years since either of us had stepped foot on skis, my wife liked the idea. We started looking for ski lodges and found a beautiful location from a social media review on Facebook. After doing some research and calling for price quotes, we were ready to schedule our vacation and begin our preparations far in advance. We were careful about looking at reviews regarding their indoor climate control. The last time we went on a vacation the air conditioner in the hotel room barely worked. Since we knew the weather would be extremely cold at the ski lodge, I focused on locations with central heating and fireplaces as well. I’m happy that I was patient in my search because we lucked out and found one of the nicest lodges in the country. We loved cuddling up under a blanket next to the fire; it was truly a romantic getaway. Next year we hope to take another vacation, but I think we’ll go somewhere warmer like beaches along the gulf coast. I know my wife had a good time, especially with the supplemental heating options.

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