HVAC maintenance really improved my HVAC device

Anyone who gets regular A/C maintenance will tell you, it definitely does make a difference.

  • Whenever I meet a stubborn person who is firm in their belief that a heating and A/C tune up does nothing for their air conditioner, I tell them not only my story, but other stories my friends have told me as well.

When I was younger, I did not take good care of my heating and air conditioning unit at all. I did pretty much nothing for it, except maybe change the air filter every six months or so. Because of this, I had a ton of problems with it, but I never associated the issues I had with my behavior. It wasn’t until I started taking proper care of both my heating and air conditioning device that I actually noticed a difference. It was a heating and cooling professional who gave me the knowledge I needed in order to start taking proper care of the systems. I started doing a lot more, changing out the air filter regularly, getting HEPA filters and cleaning the unit out myself. However, I still didn’t get HVAC tune ups, and I still experienced issues, although less than I used to have. It wasn’t until I started getting annual maintenance did I notice a difference. There was a sharp decrease in the amount of HVAC repair bills I would have to pay, and my air conditioning unit started working almost flawlessly. Nowadays, I always make sure to get maintenance, because it really does make a difference.


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