Getting professional help to lose weight and gethealthy

During my entire childhood and adolescence, I was rather overweight.

  • My whole extended family are larger people.

We always ate big meals and there were unhealthy snacks always available. I was never prompted to do anything physical. Because of my weight, I grew withdrawn, shy and became overly self-conscious. I had difficulty making friends and lacked the courage to try out for any athletic activities. It wasn’t until I enrolled in college that I became determined to implement improvements. I not only hoped to change my appearance but wanted to get and stay healthy. I understood that my current lifestyle would result in extreme health complications. I spent some time researching and learned that the college provides free nutritional counselling. With the guidance of a professional, I completely altered my eating habits. I quit drinking coffee and gave up processed foods, fatty foods and sweets with no nutritional merit. I centered my meals around fresh fruits and vegetables. I tried some new foods, and found that I like quinoa, tofu, lentils and wheat germ. Eating healthy took a while to get used to. I still wanted pizza, burgers, ice cream and cookies. When I began seeing the results in the mirror and feeling an increase in my energy levels, I became totally dedicated to the lifestyle change. I realized I needed to include physical activity to get in peak physical shape. Since I had no idea how to properly and effectively exercise, I once took advantage of help from a professional. I signed up for membership at a local gym and met with a personal trainer. The training sessions were tough, and I nearly gave up numerous times. Just like changing my eating habits, realizing some small goals kept me motivated. I am finally in the best shape of my life. I feel so strong, healthy and happy.


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