After all was said and done, I’m glad we went for the cooling system upgrade

For awhile, I wondered if a new AC install was what we really needed.

I thought the old air conditioner was running fine enough.

I also knew that we had backup window AC units in the garage and I figured we could just use those if our cooling system broke down. My wife told me we needed a new cooling system though. She said if I didn’t realize that there were modern cooling systems that were far more energy efficient than the dinosaur we were using, then I needed to learn more about air conditioning. My wife told me how modern systems were extremely energy efficient and we wouldn’t have to fret about such costly energy bills. She even told me how using those old window AC units wouldn’t be any better when it came to the energy bills. According to her, it basically would be like paying more money to be less comfortable in the house, and I realized that she had a good point. This is when I decided to call a local contractor to have a consultation. I even tried to get the HVAC professional on my side by saying that this HVAC system was still working, so why fix it if it ain’t broke? He laughed and said I needed to get with the times if I wanted to save on the energy bills. He said the system would only become less reliable and soon it would not even work any longer, so I might as well go for a cooling system upgrade. I felt like I was double teamed by my wife and the professional, but we went for the new cooling system. I’m glad we did after it was all said and done, because the energy bills really are low now and the comfort in the house is amazing!


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