Working as an HVAC technician has been the greatest job ever!

It’s also fun to work in the HVAC industry because things are always changing

I can easily say that being an HVAC technician is my favorite job. The best thing about being an HVAC technician is really a few things. One is the pay of working in the heating and cooling industry. I get paid pretty well to be an HVAC technician, and my HVAC company is one of the highest paying around. I also really love to see how happy my customers are after I install a new AC unit or fix an old furnace. I can instantly see how happy they are, and it really means so much to me to see someone be so happy about HVAC. I also have a skill that I know will always be needed, people will be using oil heaters and different heating and cooling systems for the rest of time! There aren’t many jobs that have such security like an HVAC technician. People also respect me more than somebody like a plumber because I am able to provide them with instant relieve in the form of nice AC. I like to give out energy saving tips as well and have customers tell me how much money they have saved on their HVAC because of me. It’s also fun to work in the HVAC industry because things are always changing. Now we have things like smart thermostats and radiant flooring, that didn’t even exist when I was in school! I plan on opening my own HVAC business soon and I know it will be very successful because I have practiced for so long.

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