Why can’t I have a space heater?

I was thirteen and the same age as my best friend.

I loved going to his house because he had a space heater in his bathroom.

I thought it was so cool to have a bathroom that was heated, because I didn’t have that. My bathroom was small and if I didn’t leave the door open all of the time, it got really cold in there. I had a cat that liked to play in the bathroom, and she would destroy the toilet tissue and play in the water. I had to close the bathroom door. I wanted a space heater so I could get my shower and be warm when I got out. I talked to my parents, but they kept telling me that I was too young and irresponsible to have a space heater. I talked to my grandmother and she told me the same thing. She also cautioned me how unsafe it was to have a space heater, if you didn’t know how to use it. That Christmas, my grandmother bought me a space heater. My father told me about all of the safety features. He also talked me through the proper way of lighting the space heater and how to maintain it. I had the space heater running every morning when I took my shower and I remembered to turn it off when I was done. My father was very proud of how well I was doing with the space heater. He even gave me a few extra privileges for doing so well during the first month of using the space heater in my bathroom.


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