When my kids went back to school, they had some HVAC issues

Back in January when my kids first went back to school, they said that there was something wrong with the heating and cooling system at the school building.

At first I thought that they were just being overly dramatic the way that they are sometimes.

My kids are really known for being dramatic and so I thought that they were just saying that there was something wrong with the HVAC system. But after days and then weeks of them coming home and complaining to me and my husband about the terrible indoor air quality in the school building, I started to think that just maybe there was something to it. They said that the heating didn’t seem to be working right during the mornings and then in the afternoons, after lunch, the heating system would kick in for some reason and it would run full blast until the end of the school day. Apparently, it’s hard to stay awake in class anyway, but with the heating pouring in through the heating vents it makes it impossible. I finally found out for sure that they weren’t just exaggerating the issues with the school’s HVAC system when my daughter got detention for falling asleep in her geology class one afternoon after lunch. When I went in to talk to the assistant principal about it, he said that he had kids falling asleep nearly every day in there because the heating system was torn up and the heat was putting everyone to sleep. I don’t think my daughter deserves detention if it’s the school’s heating system’s fault!


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