What kid asks for a space heater for Christmas?

When my kids started giving me their letters for Santa Claus, I had to laugh.

They seemed to be anxious for Christmas this year.

I was a bit bewildered when my eight-year-old son had a space heater on his Christmas list. What kind of kid asks for a space heater for Christmas? I knew I had to talk to him. I am always in his room picking up dirty clothes, cleaning up his messes, or putting his clothing away. It is always warm and comfortable there. There was no way he needed a space heater. I sat him down when he came home the next day. I asked him why he needed a space heater. He asked me if I had ever been i his room at night. We always closed the bedroom doors at night. We keep the hall light on so you see where you are going. My husband had fallen down the stairs once when he was stumbling in the dark to get to the bathroom. That’s when he installed the night light. I never thought about our kids and if their bedrooms got cold at night. I knew the heat went into the rooms in the daytime and the doors were opened. Apparently, when the doors closed, it got cold. I wondered if all the kids had that problem. I bought a space heater for mys on’s room, but I also called the HVAC company. I knew there were air vents in the bedrooms, and there had to be a reason why his room was so cold.

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