We had a great time on the excavation tour

I really wanted to take the kids on a trip that they would never soon forget.

I was looking for the perfect thing for all of us to do that would really be spectacular, and that’s when I came across an excavation tour.

You had to book the tour a little while in advance, but then you could go out there and visit the actual excavation sites that the paleontologists are regularly working on. They even allow you and your children to use real tools to dig up your own finds in special excavation areas. The beautiful thing is that you are allowed to keep some of the fossils that you find such as dinosaur teeth and certain types of bones. Of course, scientifically significant finds have to be placed in museums only. If you were not in luck, then you could actually purchase things like raptor teeth or T-Rex teeth which I thought was really awesome. So we ended up having a really good time on the excavation tour. I have to be honest though, it was difficult being out there in the heat without some type of cooling system. The tour bus that we rode in had a bit of cooling relief with the climate control system they had, but it wasn’t all that great and we spent a lot of time outside. I was happy when we got to the souvenir shop though because their cooling system was amazing. My son actually managed to find a type of dinosaur tooth that they identified as a T-Rex tooth. My daughter didn’t find anything, but I bought her some raptor teeth which she was really happy about. At the end of the tour, I just wanted to get out of there and get something to eat at a restaurant with a powerful cooling system.



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