Ways to improve the indoor air quality of your rental property

Now, more than ever before, your indoor air quality is a key point of concern.

Unfortunately, many rental properties have poor indoor air quality, including airborne mold particles, germs, and allergens.

As a concerned rental property owner, addressing indoor air quality can make your property’s indoor air cleaner and easier for your tenants to breathe. This means healthier and happier tenants. The first way to achieve high indoor air quality is by replacing the air filters of your HVAC system. Your property’s HVAC air filters serve as the primary line of defense against bad indoor air quality. Their main purpose is to prevent air contaminants from getting into your HVAC system through your ductwork. The air intake filter also plays an integral role in eliminating these contaminants from your property’s indoor air as a whole. Install an air purification system in your rental property. To give your property’s indoor air a filtration boost, consider using air purifiers. This equipment comes in different styles and sizes. Finding an air purifier with a HEPA filter is beneficial for allergy sufferers. You may also consider using devices that use UV light to kill viruses and bacteria in your property’s indoor air—schedule duct cleaning with your local HVAC contractor. Your rental property’s ductwork may trap mold particles, allergens, dust, and other pollutants. Every time you turn your HVAC system on, these pollutants get circulated in your property’s indoor air. Having a professional duct cleaning can greatly improve your property’s indoor air quality and boost energy efficiency. Maintaining consistent humidity levels also helps improve indoor air quality. Consider using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity levels which may promote the growth of allergens.



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