Watching an animation move and a bee getting trapped in ductwork

I try to take my daughter to do fun things especially in the summertime. Occasionally I will take her to a movie but I really like to make sure that we stay active and do activities outside because of how nice the weather is. Where I live, we don’t get warm and sunny weather most of the year. Most of the year we experience cloudy and cold days. So in the winter time I will take my daughter to the movies more often because of how crappy the weather is where we live. Since it has been very cold and rainy and there’s really not much to do outside, I took my daughter to the movies and we saw a super cute animation movie. It was a children’s movie and it was right up her alley. My daughter has a fascination with bees and the movie was centered around a family of bees. The main character, was a young bee and it was stuck in heating and cooling ductwork. The movie was about the young bee and his family trying to reunite since the young bee was stuck in a business’ ductwork for days. The little bee met a lot of different bees and other insects within the ductwork. The bee even met dust and dander creatures and met a few flies as well. Needless to say the bee was finally out of the heating and cooling ductwork at the end of the movie and was finally reunited with his family. While watching this movie it was a perfect reminder that I needed to schedule a cleaning for my heating and ductwork with my local heating and cooling technician. I wonder how many heating and cooling companies saw an increase in business because of this movie.

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