Warm water and cool air make for wonderful swimming

Swimming was my favorite activity as a kid.

I don’t why I was drawn to the water as much as I was, but I can honestly say that my love for swimming has continued into my adult life. As a kid, I can remember going to my neighbor’s house to swim throughout the day with them. Though other kids were in their air-conditioned homes playing video games or watching television, I was fighting the climate and temperature with nature. My favorite time to swim was at night time when the water was warmer than the air. As an adult, I have learned how to recreate the experience at my own indoor pool. I use a heater to warm up the water in my pool, and I set the thermostat to a chilly temperature to engage the air conditioner. This allows me to recreate the exact same environment, and it always feels nostalgic. I have my thermostat separate for the indoor pool using a zone-controlled thermostat, which means I am not paying to make my entire house chilly. Sometimes, I turn my heater on and jump in my hot tub to experience the sauna atmosphere. Though being a kid was fun, I enjoy the freedom and lack of limits as an adult. Thankfully, I am able to afford the HVAC technology required to do stuff like this! The HVAC worker that installed all of this for me seemed confused that I would spend all of that money on HVAC equipment for an indoor pool. However, I bet he wishes he were here right now.

a/c professional