Using drones to map out the HVAC system

Uncle Mike has been running his company for just over a year now, and he is frustrated at how slowly it is going.

The problem is that around here there is a ton of competition in his field.

Many of these businesses have been around for years, if not decades, so it is hard for the new kid on the block to make a name for himself. I was thinking about it, and how I could help him, and I think I have a really great idea. He wants to get more into the industrial and commercial side of HVAC work, and move away from residential, so I pitched him a big idea. I am a skilled drone pilot, and I said that with my “eyes in the sky” he could have an edge in commercial HVAC work. Think about trying to put together a work plan in a major office building or apartment complex when you can’t see or access all of the external HVAC ducts and air vents. With a drone in the air, I could film and digitally map out the entire exterior of any building, including each and every air vent, grate, and exhaust fan. This is work that can be done by people, and traditionally has been, but the HVAC company that learns how to use drones properly can save hundreds of man hours over the course of a year. Uncle Mike isn’t sure that this will work for his HVAC company, so I asked him to let me try it out for free, just to see the results, and we will see what happens


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