Using a foam roller to relieve tension in my muscles is the best idea ever when you’re sore!

I had never even heard of a foam roller until my personal trainer recommended that I use one.

  • Naturally, I pretended to know exactly what he was talking about when he said it, but I had to do my research.

See, these foam rollers are firm cylinders. They make it possible to self-message, which I did a little studying up on and found that rolling allows self-myofascial release to occur. That happens via deep pressure to many areas of the body, and so foam roller exercises in the workout can help to release muscular tension & avoid soreness! I had to read up on how to use the foam roller at first, which works by applying direct, wide-ranging & high mechanical loads to muscles & tissues to relieve stiffness and soreness. The exercises stretch & massage the underlying tissues, promoting blood flow & breaking down scar tissue! It’s designed to lessen thickening, adhesion & tension of the affixive tissue & muscle to make sure that you remain limber and ready to lift or exercise in general. I’ve found that using the foam roller regularly has reduced my fatigue, sped up recovery times and also increased my range of motion, which couldn’t be more helpful as a long distance runner! I’ve noticed less pain & soreness, too. I look forward to using the foam roller now, as it is the best tool ever for relaxing my muscles after I’ve participated in an intense workout. For me, there’s never any severe pain or soreness anymore thanks to the foam roller!
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