Try ductless HVAC when renovating

My dream of homeownership just came true.

I wasn’t exactly sure that it would.

I am about to turn 40 and had been almost resigned to living with the below par HVAC in my apartment for the foreseeable future. But then something wonderful happened. A dear friend of mine knew someone who had a home that had to be sold quickly. It was part of an estate that was being liquidated and the house was being sold as is. This allowed me to actually afford the downpayment given the rock button property assessment. My friend was able to put a good word in for me and the next thing I knew, I owned a house. Of course, the home was not exactly liveable when the papers were signed. I had some renovating to do just so I could live there and continue the renovating. The first thing I had to address was the heating & cooling situation. The home was old and had been basically unoccupied for well over a decade or more. The HVAC central air system was trash. However, the prospect of me replacing the HVAC unit was dimmed by the fact that the ductwork system was also junk. Investing that much in the HVAC would kill my renovation budget. So, I went with ductless HVAC. There is a series of these ductless HVAC units in the house now and they are great. Not only are they really powerful, they are far more efficient than a central air HVAC system. This HVAC alternative was a budget saver and is the best HVAC I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Heating technician