Time to sit back and relax in the cool air

Did you ever have a garage sale at your house.

If you have, I am sure that you can relate to just how tired I am.

After several days of setting up, pricing everything, and putting up signs, we felt that we were ready for the sale. The first day was slow and sitting outside in the hot sun waiting for customers was no fun at all. I was sitting out there dreaming of the time when I could head inside for the day. I would sneak away and leave my sister in charge while I took short breaks inside with the air conditioning because it was really miserable. The second day was even worse. It had rained overnight so the humidity was oppressive. At that point I didn’t really care if everyone just took the stuff for free. I only wanted to close up and hibernate the rest of the day indoors with the cool air washing over me. At least I had that to look forward to at the end of the day. Thanks to our new, state of the art, HVAC system that we had installed last year our home is always perfectly comfortable. If the weather gets too warm we don’t even have to go inside to adjust the temperature because we have a Smart Thermostat too. We can sit in the driveway and control it with our cell phones. Having that garage sale was like torture to me. I never again want to sit in the heat and listen to strangers try to get a deal on something that is only a dollar to begin with. I will just donate my stuff from now on and wait inside in the comfort of my home until the truck arrives to pick the stuff up.


Cooling system