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When my husband and I decided to have two children only three years apart, we knew it would be difficult. When our boys were toddlers, they were into everything. Even if we constantly had eyes on them, they still managed to find trouble. Things didn’t get any better, when they were in middle school either. They constantly fought with each other, both of us, and all of the teachers at school. When my boys were in high school, they got into a fistfight in the bedroom. They were arguing over the video game system. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but both of the boys had bruises and scratches, and someone knocked the AC right out of the bedroom window. The AC unit fell into the grass, but not before taking the glass and half of the window along with it. I was in the kitchen, when I heard the whole commotion. I heard the glass shatter and then I heard the thump of the AC unit on the ground outside. I started screaming and yelling as soon as I knew the boys were safe. I made them go outside and move the AC unit to the driveway. They had to clean the AC unit and all of the mess from the broken window. When my husband finally got home from work that night, he laid down the law. The boys were grounded until they could pay for all of the damages. My husband presented them with a detailed list a few days later. It took them four months to earn the money to pay for the damages.

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