Thermostat resets my programming

I have a lot of concerns about the AI technology that we’re dead set on creating these days.

  • As a modern human, of course I enjoy modern amenities.

I have smartphones and smart cars. I want to have a smart life, in every way possible. But I also worry that we put way too much pressure on gadgets that can’t perform as wisely as we intend them to. I have done the exact same thing. A few months ago I got over my pride and called the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership for temperature control help. After inspecting my HVAC system to look for energy inefficiencies, the tech couldn’t find anything wrong with my boiler or AC unit. Following his best advice, I thought I made the right choice for my heating, cooling, and ventilation system when I arranged for a smart temperature control device installation. He said I could easily control my indoor heating, cooling, and ventilation system with a detailed air quality control program. I thought that was great. I wanted to be able to turn off my indoor air temperature program when I knew no one was going to be home. But this new “smart” device has not been impressive. This damned thermostat never stays in compliance with the temperature control programs that I establish. No matter how many times I reset my thermostat to my actual temperature control preference, it doesn’t stay appropriately set for more than a few days. I can’t program the HVAC settings to lower my energy bills or control my indoor air temperature. I feel like I’m living in the wild, with a robot overlord who wants to make me freeze or sweat to death.



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