There are special filters that can be fit into ceiling registers

I am endlessly impressed by the various gadgets and products that I find at the big box hardware stores.

  • I will walk inside looking for a quart of paint or a pack of light bulbs and then I’ll see the displays they put up in between the aisles.

Although I am never swooned by the expensive power tools and lawn mowers, sometimes I like to use some of the smaller items like water test kits and face masks for bleach cleaning. I even found a cheap weather station one year during the holiday season that gives full indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. If you have issues with HVAC consistency in your home when you go from one room to the next, these weather stations can be great at providing measurements on temperature differences throughout the house. Because my ventilation system is old and hasn’t been cleaned in decades, I sometimes have issues with dust getting dislodged and making its way into my house as it leaves the ceiling vents. Last week the large chain hardware store was offering a sale on this special item for fan forced HVAC ductwork. They are these tiny foam filters that you can put inside ceiling registers to catch any dust, pollen, or mold particulate that is inside the ductwork and constantly falling into your air system as the HVAC cycles. They are relatively cheap and take only a few minutes to install, as long as you have a ladder that can reach and the dexterity to unscrew the plate cover with the appropriate type of screw driver. I didn’t notice a massive difference after installing them, but I definitely felt like I was coughing a lot less than before.

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