Then the air quality is dry

Regardless of whether you use the cooling system or the oil furnace, both of these Heating, Ventilation & A/C units do the same thing when it comes to humidity.

I have noticed that both cooling systems & oil heating systems make the air in your apartment dry! Now, this doesn’t have to be a exhausting thing.

It actually depends on the season. During the summer, the amount of moisture that the air can retain is increased compared to the winter, which means that the air will not only think hot, however it will also think muggy outside. The cooling system in your apartment will not only cool the air in your house, however it will also lower the humidity. With cooling systems, this is a good thing, but lower humidity levels in the Summer means that you will be able to cool off faster than if it were muggy at the same temperature; Unfortunately, oil heating systems also make the air dry while I was in the winter. During the winter, the amount of moisture that the air can hold is lower, meaning that the highest humidity percentage in the Wintertide is lower than some of the lowest humidity levels in the winter. To add to that, your oil furnace will make the dry Wintertide air even dryer. This is why it is so proper to have chapped lips & skin while I was in the winter, and your oil furnace completely eliminates the moisture in your air. If you use a oil furnace while I was in the winter, you might want to look into purchase a humidifier for your house. This Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment will add moisture back into your house, which can help prevent dry skin & lips.

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