The weather here is terrible

Once per year during the summer, our mom plus dad take almost everyone on a huge family trip. It’s pretty much always been that way, even when our siblings plus I were young. Both of us have been to the most awesome locations. Both of us have lived in Florida our whole life, plus our parents have taken us to visit every single state. Both of us have also visited multiple foreign countries, including two island nations and one cold continent, and this year, the two of us are staying close to home, my sibling is going to have a baby soon, and she is not allowed to travel by plane or train. It’s difficult enough for her to travel by car. Both of us decided to system the family trip to ¬†Florida this year. Even though the two of us live in Florida, Tampa is still a lengthy drive from our home. Even though our family has spent a day or two down in the south, the two of us have never spent enough time to visit all of the sites. Tampa has a lot of wonderful things to see and a massive amount of things to do doing. I am looking forward to our day at Busch Gardens. My sibling is going to spend that day at house with her feet up. Both of us rented a nice Beach rental for about two weeks. The rental has plenty of room for almost everyone in the family. The place has nearly 5 family rooms plus several bathrooms. Both of us have a wonderful view of Clearwater Beach, and you have the ability hear the ocean waves from our porch. Both of us will truly have a truly nice time on our family trip, but next year, we will be able to resume to our normal trip activities.

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