The warm afternoons are nearly unbearable

I have run into some trouble with the A/C and I think it is due to the severely warm hot and cold temperatures the people I was with and I have been enwhile I was in this summer.

Even back in June, it was already 90 degrees almost everyday, the sun shines and the humidity starts as soon as daycut begins. Now that the people I was with and I are in the middle of November, the warm afternoons are nearly unbearable! My family and I are doing our best to stay cool. We swim almost everyday and the people I was with and I were keeping the A/C at a reasonably low temperature until a couple of afternoons ago. That’s when our husbandy noticed warm air coming out of the air vents, but i thought it was just a drafty spot by the door, but most of the vents were putting out warm air. When both of us realized that the problem was the AC, the people I was with and I started looking for a company to repair the system. We found at least a dozen different Heating and Air Conditioning repair repair providers in the local area, but only a handful of companies had various star ratings on google and yelp. My husbandy called a couple of places and one of them had a serviceman available to help us instantly. The guy was nice and friendly, and he knew a lot about our unique system! He found a problem with a relay switch. That problem was keeping the A/C laboring typically. Once it was fixed, the A/C worked the same as the previous day. The fees for the repair repair were high, but the people I was with and I had excellent repair in less than various thirds after the people I was with and I made the call.



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