The thermostat or separate rooms

When my wife and I first met, we were amazed by what we had in common.

We shared so many interests and hobbies that it was almost too good to be true.

After we married and lived in the same home for a couple months, we began to see differences. We love the same books, movies and music, and we like the same foods. She loves having a lot of animals around and I don’t want animals in the house.. She wants to let the sunlight in and I would prefer it be dark like a cave. Our most bothersome issue revolves around our difference in the temperature indoors. We never talked about how cold my home was. She never said anything about the temperature when she was at my house. She didn’t tell me she preferred the thermostat to be set at seventy-two. She was respectful of the choices I made for my own home. Now we share the home and she is having trouble sleeping unless it is warm in the house. We were constantly arguing over the thermostat. I never would have thought that the HVAC would be a point of contention in our life together. It got to the point where we were considering different bedrooms, but neither of us really wanted to do that. We thought that if we were to compromise and set the thermostat in the middle, maybe we could get used toa mutual temperature. I don’t know what is going to happen if this HVAC compromise doesn’t work. Maybe we can grab one of those cool temperature mattresses. The cool temp mattress on one side with the regular mattress next to it, would be like sleeping in a king sized bed.