The noisy air vents

The last house I rented had the most annoying issue with the air vents in the place. For some reason there was foil placed inside the air vents! I do not know why the landlord had this done. But because it was a rental I could not even mess with it. It was annoying because every single time the central heating and air conditioning system would pop on, there would be this crackling sound that almost sounded like the entire central heating and cooling system was on fire! Thankfully I could not hear it in my bedroom. The air vents in the bedroom did not have the foil inside of em. But the living room and the bathroom and everywhere else did! If I had that crackling sound issue going on in the bedroom where I sleep I then would have complained to the landlord and insisted that he remove them and do something about it! I am so glad to be long out of that house for a few years now. The central air conditioning was actually pretty bad too. It never worked properly. I complained and the landlord was so lazy he never would actually do anything about it. Had I been able to afford to move at that point I probably would have just broken the lease legally and moved out of the darn place! Still to this day I have no idea why he would have foil in the air vents of the central heating and air conditioning system! That’s the most insane thing.



a/c serviceman