The kids love the hVAC repairman

About two months ago when my partner and I started having problems keeping our heating and cooling unit from breaking down we had no choice but to try and find a permanent fix.

We aren’t rich by any means, but we were lucky enough to have a close friend of ours who worked as a certified HVAC repair tech in the area.

A few days later when I reached out to my buddy he was able to make time during his normal work schedule to stop by my house and take a look at the broken down heating and cooling unit. I still have no idea why, but the moment that he came over our six year old son was acting as if my friend was a superhero or . During the time that my friend was working on the unit my son was constantly asking him questions about what he was doing, what the name of the tools he was using were called, and if he could try on the protective gloves he was wearing. At the time we just thought that our kids were bored because he had been on summer break for too long with not much to do, but even months later he has been begging us to buy him an official HVAC repairman uniform and asking when the next time my buddy Dave is coming over to check on the unit. I guess that it’s not the worst thing in the world to have a kid idolizing my buddy, but we are both hoping that this phase doesn’t last for much longer.


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