The HVAC company is going out of business

I live in a really small town that has been going downhill for years.

As quickly as new business comes into town, it goes out.

At one point, we had a few tourist attractions. We had an amusement park that offered go-karts, an arcade, mini-golf and even rock climbing. Once that went out of business, the town began to go downhill. There were too many metropolitan areas nearby, for people to gravitate to. When these businesses close up, we usually see huge sales happening. The local appliance company went under about a year ago. My brother was able to procure a new smart refrigerator for half the price of a plain refrigerator. I found a 4K large screen television set that was so cheap, that I felt like I was stealing it. Last week, the local HVAC company was having their going out of business sale. They had complete HvAC systems for fifty percent off and they were offering free installation. They had all of the HVAC accessories for sale at sixty percent off. I needed a new HVAC system and this seemed like the perfect time to purchase it. I had been considering installing new ductwork. They were selling flex duct at sixty percent off. Since I was purchasing the new HVAC system, I thought it was the perfect time to replace all of my old ductwork with new flex duct. This was one of the best going out of business sales that our area has seen. As much as I hated seeing the HVAC company leave our area, I really appreciated the great prices on the new HVAC system.