The heater in our camper tore up last week

Last week, we were planning on going camping, even though the weather wasn’t exactly heating up very much yet.

  • Spring is just around the corner, but the temperature outside is still pretty cold.

We love camping, though, and so anytime that we have a free weekend we really try to make it happen. This is regardless of the weather, but sometimes the temperatures outside just won’t cooperate with us. We are pretty tough, but when the temperatures get down into the thirties or the twenties, we have to make sure that the electric furnace that we have in the camper is working properly. The heater in the camper usually works pretty well, as far as a camping heater goes. I know that some campers don’t have really good HVAC systems at all and they end up having terrible climate control and indoor air quality in them. We’ve been really lucky with the heating in our camper, though. Usually it works exactly like it’s supposed to and we don’t have to worry about the temperatures outside. However, last week when we were packing up everything that we needed for our camping trip, my husband found a problem with the heater when he was doing the run through of the camper before we left. It just wasn’t working correctly and we couldn’t figure out the problem. Since it was kind of a last minute trip, we didn’t have time to get an HVAC professional out to look at the heater and we ended up having to cancel our entire trip. We were so disappointed.


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