The garage of my dreams was only a ductless heat pump away

When we first bought this house, I could hardly believe that we actually had a garage.

This was almost my favorite part of buying a home.

After renting apartments all my life, having a garage was all new to me. Even when I was a kid, the house I grew up in didn’t have a real garage but more like an open carport sort of thing. The other thing I loved about buying our house was that it came with new HVAC equipment. This was yet another thing that irritated me about apartment life. I hated the fact that the HVAC unit was so old and didn’t do much of a job when it came to quality heating and air. However, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d ever have a garage with heating and cooling. But that’s what I did recently. We’ve lived in this house for more than a decade now and the kids are getting older. It became clear to me that I needed a space to myself. My wife sort of commandeered the spare room to be her craft and hobby area. I think I was just too afraid of laying claim to it myself. However, I did set up a workbench, a bar stool and a radio our in the garage. It dawned on me as the summer drew closer that I might need some HVAC cooling. So I called the HVAC company and they had the answer in the ductless heat pump. Now I can enjoy the solitude of the garage and get all the blissful quality heating and air that I want.



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