The furnace setting was so warm that I couldn’t fall back to bed

There have been many times when I thought that somebody was using the air conditioning system too much, however it is precious that I find somebody who has the furnace on too often, but i don’t mind a warm temperature, however some people take their control device for the furnace to the next level, then when I stayed the night at a friend’s condo last year, I could tell that there was going to be an issue, and their control device was set to a toasty 85 degrees.

When it is 85 degrees outside while the people I was with and I were in the summer, I turn on the air conditioning system in addition to put on some lighter clothing. These people were walking around the inside of their condo in shorts in addition to a t-shirt in the middle of winter! I was feeling a bit warm in their condo because of the furnace, but I didn’t complain. In fact, when I started perspiring a little bit because of the heat, I still didn’t complain. It wasn’t until I realized that they weren’t going to adjust the control device before bed that I started to panic. When I am at our house, I adjust the control device to a colder setting at night so that I can sleep with a heavy blanket. The sound of the Heating and A/C device running plus the weight of the blanket is how I go to sleep at night, but however, their furnace was running so often that I had to throw off all of the blankets beside a sheet. However, I was still miserable. Their gas furnace was so warm that I was perspiring with only a sheet on me. I tossed in addition to turned the entire night, completely miserable. I don’t plan to stay there again.



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