The cooling component was leaking moisture

Terrence had to get home after a morning at the salon.

He had so many buyers booked that he felt completely drained.

He kept reflecting on how successful his company had become on the drive home. When he moved to the city, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself. All he knew was he had to get away from the farm. While looking for work, he came across a salon looking for a shampoo boy plus convinced the owner to give him the task. That guy became his teacher plus taught him everything he knew about hair, then years later, Terrence left the salon to start his site, which was a hit. But, it had taken a lot of personal growth to get there, especially getting past the resistance of a male hair expert. When he got home, he went to turn up the cooling component since the condo felt a little warm. That’s when he came across a puddle on the floor underneath the indoor cooling unit. Terrence never had a major issue with the cooling component in his home. He constantly made sure to call the AC worker to repair it before summer. But, being so busy meant he missed the annual tune-up, plus now it seemed there was an issue with the cooling unit. Terrence went online to contact the AC company plus book an appointment for the next morning. His assistant would open the salon, plus he’d get there later after fixing the issue. He didn’t want a leaking AC component to turn from bad to worse because he refused to spare a morning to have it fixed.

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