The business cards had the wrong phone number

My brother and I decided to join forces and go into business together.

Both of us have our own specialty areas. My brother has been working in the plumbing industry for 12 years. The guy can handle any piping or plumbing job big or small. I learned how to repair HVAC equipment like heaters, AC units, and air purifiers. After working for someone else for five years, I was ready to open my own repair business for HVAC services. My brother was unhappy with his current situation and the two of us decided to start a business together. One of the first things we did was order some business cards with our new name and phone number. I was excited when the cards arrived, because I couldn’t wait to see our business name on the card. In fact, I was so busy looking at the business name that I didn’t even realize the phone number for the new HVAC company was incorrect. I showed the cards to my brother and he immediately recognized the incorrect phone number. It wasn’t even close to our number. In fact, the area code wasn’t even in the same state.I felt foolish for not recognizing the mistake before I probably displayed the cards, but at least someone noticed the error before we started passing them out to the public. I contacted the printing company that worked on our order and I explained all of the issues with the card. The guy at the print shop apologized for the mix-up and claimed that a new employee messed up the input process.


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