That did cost a lot

I enjoyed theme and amusement parks as a child just as much as our own guys do now. I was brave enough to ride the scariest roller coasters, was always running through the park at full tilt giving our parents a taxing time keeping up, and never seemed to run out of steam until it was time to leave. At the end of the day, I was boiling and  sleepy to be sure, but not nearly as sleepy as our poor parents. Now I recognize exactly how I felt. I kind of wish I had the same energy and enthusiasm that our guys have whenever the two of us go on getaway these days, but I simply do not possess the same amount of energy that I used to. As the two of us go through the park, our guys are looking for the next big thrill, and I am looking for a cool and comfortable place to lay down and watch over them at a distance, just appreciate our own parents used to do. I recognizably don’t mind when the two of us go into arcades, filmplexs, or indoor rides. In each of those activities, I will gladly join them for the sake of the temperature control within those buildings, though I do admit I often have a bit of fun as well. The concern is they are done with those places far too abruptly for me. I often request playing an extra game or riding again so that I can stay in the undefined for just a bit longer. I recognize I have truly come to appreciate undefined in our old age more than ever!

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