Suggestion from the Heating and A/C specialists

I had been having some air flow issues in our home the last more than 2 months. I was not sure what was going on, then at first I thought our central heating and A/C method was chopping down. But when i called the local heating and A/C supplier and had them send out their heating and cooling experts to look at and service our central heat and a/c unit, they found nothing wrong with it! They actually told myself and others they had never seen such a healthy and fully laboring central heating and A/C method unit in quite some time! What they did do was check our air ducts and air duct. And it turns out the issue with the air flow was that the air duct actually needed to be sealed! Ductwork sealing was something I had never heard of. The certified heating and A/C specialists that were at our home went on to explain that air duct sealing was going to get our air flow back to normal and also keep out any bad air quality from outside as well. It was going to be an overall improvement in our home’s air all together. So you can bet I busy a time to get our air duct sealing done. They were pretty booked up, however they were able to get something within a few nights set up. I really hope this works! Like I said I never heard of air duct sealing, however if the heating and A/C experts says I should do it to fix our air flow issues, then i’m gonna go for it!

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