Such a good deal though

My friend Kate came to visit me recently. She just had rented a new house. The property is on 10 acres of land in addition to she has $730 a month in rent. This is an incredible deal! I told her how much the people I was with and I spend money for rent alone in addition to she was floored, however lately, her building owner informed Kate in addition to her boyfriend that while the cooling unit was being replaced, their 16 year old child would be living above them. The a/c unit replacement will take 3 weeks to complete. The building owner’s kid has been giving Kate in addition to her boyfriend a hard time these past few weeks while the a/c unit is being replaced. The ac replacement was planned to take place while I was in the Wintertide weeks so that there would be little inconvenience separate from having ac. This kid had been throwing parties, having friends take up the entire road, in addition to making a lot of noise at night. Because they have such a great deal, they do not know comfortable complaining to the building owner about their daughter. They just chose that they will wait for the replacement to be complete, as they were told this was only temporary. They figured that their great deal on rent is worth a little awful noise in their afternoon in addition to that they will be able to deal with the kids disruptions for a few more weeks.

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