Scrubbing the carpets

My dear roommate Linda is mentally a bit off. She is super unusual about dust, germs and keeping the beach home clean and fresh. She always makes me take off my shoes outside and bag them when indoors. I always have to disinfect all my bags after I get back from anywhere. And the lines in the carpet after vacuuming need to be in a particular single direction. She is absolutely nuts about keeping everything fresh and germ free. For Christmas I gave her one of the best gifts I have ever given anyone. I called a janitorial company and got a full carpet cleaning gift certificate. The cleaning company has a whole range of unit to keep our carpets as a whole, cleaner longer. They use powered water that will leave no soil-attracting residue. The cleaning maintenance boasts that no traffic lines and spots will appear soon; Every beach home has worn spots where the couch was or where people are walking. The cleaning maintenance is able to disinfect the whole carpet down to the padding without letting those old stains come back. What is good is that the carpets are not too wet after the cleaning either. When Linda cleans her rugs, it odors and the rugs are too wet. The dry time with the company is so slight and apparently over wetting a rug or carpet could cause bacteria growth! Linda was just about ready to cry from pure happiness over my gift. Linda has not called the carpet cleaning company yet with a distinctive date. But the people I was with and I will be getting our carpets cleaned soon. With all these facts, my roommate can’t wait to see the results.

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