Our bridal party met up with a personal trainer

This past summer, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding.

When I agreed, I had no idea in the least what I was getting into.

My cousin was easily absurd with her demands… The whole bridal celebration was continually expected to join in on absurd plus high-priced activities. The people I was with and I all went skydiving together, took a wine tasting tour plus went whitewater rafting. The people I was with and I rented a limousine for a bar crawl plus took ballroom dance lessons. My cousin took non stop pictures plus posted pretty much everything on her Facebook page. The only thing I easily enjoyed was our sessions with a personal trainer. My cousin was completely determined to get her wedding party in shape for her crucial day! Everything was targeted at looking good in the photos. The personal trainer met with each one of us individually. The people I was with and I talked about nutrition, fitness goals plus weight loss. She then set up a personal plan plus a one-on-one training schedule. The people I was with and I also participated in various group fitness classes. Since my cousin is totally uncoordinated, she struggled with this a great deal. I thought it was good plus loved every single minute of it. The people I was with and I worked with resistance bands, free weights, weighted balls plus kettlebells. The people I was with and I had access to a whole bunch of machines also, including treadmills, ellipticals plus rowing machines. The personal trainer included a good amount of flexibility exercises, static holds plus breathing techniques. When we made it to the wedding day, I lost fifteen pounds plus felt phenomenal. While I couldn’t wait to be done with all of the duties of being a member of the bridal party, I made the choice to keep meeting with the personal trainer.

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