One critical mistake to the next

It kills me all the time thinking about all the mistakes I made when I was an early homeowner.

I didn’t know everything that needed to be done but it really should have been common sense.

I made the terrible mistake of not keeping up with my HVAC system. I also experienced some plumbing issues and a few other things went wrong. I should have had the garage roof upgraded when I first moved into my new home, but I let it wait. Because of this, the roof ended up leaking and it ruined some drywall and subflooring that I needed to use to upgrade parts of my home. That was a royal pain for me and cost me a good amount of money. I learned from that though and had a new roof installed on the garage which certainly wasn’t cheap. With all the money I spent on the garage roof though, you would think I would have thought to get my HVAC system maintenance. I could have at least kept up with the air filters. But no, I messed that up royally and didn’t bother to change the air filters. Before I knew it, I was hearing strange noises coming from my HVAC system. I should have called the HVAC company but I just ignored it and kept busy with my work and all. Eventually my HVAC system seized up and when I did get an HVAC worker out to my place, he said that it overheated and there was a crack in the heat exchanger. This meant I had to replace the entire HVAC system because it was no good any longer. I tell you, it was one crucial mistake to the next, but I’m learning now.