Not much of a vacation

I was so happy to finally have 2 weeks off from work! The job I do literally drains the dear life out of me.

It gets boring, repetitive and old real quick.

I actually was able to get my 2 weeks vacation time and was going to do nothing but sleep, relax and just enjoy some private time at home without anyone bothering me for anything. Well, my 2 weeks vacation wasn’t much of a vacation because my central heating and air conditioning system ended up breaking down on me 1 day into my time off! I was so angry! I called the local heating and air conditioning company to come and repair it. But the news I got made me even more angry. It turned out that I needed an entire brand new central heating and air conditioning system! This was something that they were able to do within a few days. But in the meantime I had to go out and buy a few portable space heaters to keep my home warm. It was very cold out and I could not go without any form of heating. Finally the day came to where they were going to be installing the brand new and totally up to date central heating and air conditioning system. The day of installation was a real pain in the rear end because I had to be awake at 6 in the morning and they were coming at 7. They were here for almost 5 hours! By the time they left I was so worn out.



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