Nobody is perfect, but we can always try our best

Eventually, I became really good at working on all types of heating and cooling systems

At the end of the day, we are all human and nobody is perfect. Sometimes we are doing great in life, and sometimes things are not going so well. We might do great work at our jobs, and then there are times when we might fail miserably. When I first earned my HVAC certification, I thought that I did great work. The thing is, when I went to interview for different HVAC companies, a lot of the people were acting like I had to be perfect to get the job. I didn’t feel so comfortable because I needed to get the training before I felt even close to being an HVAC professional. I had zero experience and I felt like I just needed to find a place that wasn’t looking for perfect HVAC workers right out of school. Eventually I was interviewed by the owner of a certain HVAC company who said he saw some real potential in me. I wasn’t sure if he was right or not at that time, but I didn’t want to let him down. When I started working with a pretty great HVAC trainer, I felt stupid every single time I would make mistakes. He always said it was a learning process and he didn’t know anybody who didn’t mess up a few times. I realized how lucky I was to find such a great HVAC company that was so understanding. Eventually, I became really good at working on all types of heating and cooling systems. When I was finally able to work on my own, I actually felt confident. When I eventually started training new HVAC workers, I treated them just like my HVAC trainer treated me, with patience and respect.


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